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Bandhan - 'A lifetime bond'

Students were hurriedly running around. The kites were being readied for the evening, study kits were  being prepared, colourful paints and a big tub of water was already stationed, cameras were being charged and everyone was eager, almost restless, waiting for the message to come. The message that we all were waiting for - “The buses have arrived! The kids are here! Let’s make it a beautiful day”. This is what 7:30 am looked like on the day of ISB’s biggest and most exciting event - ‘Bandhan’. The annual flagship event, organised by the Net Impact Club at Indian School of Business, is held every year on 15th August, where kids from under-resourced backgrounds are hosted by the students and staff on campus for a day full of fun and learning

Photo Credit: Photography Club, Hyderabad Campus, ISB
This year over 700 children from weaker section of societies and all the students at ISB engaged in a day of fun and learning across our campuses. Bandhan marks the responsible participation of the student body at ISB towards understanding and acting upon social issues. While the children engage in a day full of interesting and memorable experiences, student volunteers leave with a better sense of applying their operational, business and people management skills to real-world problems that require the best minds to work on them.

As a run-up to the main event, the children also visited the Hyderabad campus over 4 weekends for additional workshops on life-skills training. Through all these workshops and interactions, the children got a taste of different forms of dance, craft activities, public speaking team building games and sports, backyard science models, healthcare, music and other activities that built the joy of learning and confidence among the children.

More than two months of preparation by the students goes into designing the program for the day so as to ensure that the kids while indulging in lots of fun and frolic, also take away insights that would be easy to remember and to apply afterwards.

The event is a reflection of ISB’s commitment towards understanding and acting upon the need for social inclusion and engagement, exemplifying our intent to contribute to global leadership in areas of impact and development. More than anything else, a life-changing experience for all, as this bunch of bright kids becomes a happy part of our lives forever, and we, theirs.

Contributed by Arushi Garg and Ahona Sengupta, PGP Co2018.