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At One with the Home Away from Home

The Mohali campus of the Indian School of Business (ISB) witnessed the hosting of ‘Aikya’ on 13 June, 2014. As the heavens opened up to provide much welcome respite from the heat, students welcomed their new families from the local community. Despite the unexpected downpour, most families went out of their ways to ensure that they attended the event.
‘Aikya’, meaning oneness, is an event that intends to give back to the community that has supported the Mohali campus of the ISB since its inception. Aikya also provides the students of the ISB a “foster” family who supports them during the year at the School and gives them the warm feeling of being “home”. The ISB attracts some of the most illustrious and socially conscious members of the local community, giving the students a unique chance to gain insightful perspectives and experiences.
Conversations were ignited at Aikya 2014 with icebreaker sessions as the students were introduced to their new families. Memories were made and captured with the families and their adopted students dressed in their finest cultural attire. A new resident centric perspective of the tri-city area was among the significant knowledge additions for students. This year too, the Aikya families were dazzled by the diversity of students with whom they interacted.
The interactive session was followed by a ‘Talent Night’ where students displayed their creativity through song, dance and a skit. Symbolic of the geographical and cultural diversity evident in the student pool at the ISB, the dance forms represented the cultural spirit of India in a mélange of moves and colours. From classical to Bollywood and salsa, from the festive garba to the exhilarating bhangra: every dance encapsulated the different yet united and free spirited cultural talent at the ISB.
A humorous skit enacting the transformative experience the Aikya families continue to impart to students followed the dances. The families were also treated to renditions of tunes ranging from classic rock and contemporary Indian to a traditional Himachali song that tugged at the heartstrings.
Dinner followed and so did candid conversations between the students and their newfound families. ‘Aikya’ has always been a much-anticipated event in the one-year hectic itinerary at the ISB. Like every year, this year too, the event, conceptualised and orchestrated by the ‘Aikya’ team, was a grand hit. Sanmay Mishra, PGP student from the Class of 2015 said, “The time I spent with my Aikya family made me reminisce about my family back home. Even though I spent only a couple of hours with them, I knew I had found a home, where I would want to return, every now and then, to share and celebrate every milestone of my life at ISB."
As a cool breeze swept the sprawling Mohali campus glistening under the fading moonlight, students ambled back to their quads and the families drove back to their homes – with happiness in their hearts and smiles on their faces!