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ASEAN-India Student Exchange Programme 2018

The ASEAN-India student exchange programme 2018, organised by CII, saw some 56 students and working professionals from Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam converge on ISB Hyderabad campus. These students were on a week’s trip to India and ISB was one of the chosen destinations.

The visitors were very curious to learn about the Indian ethos and in particular about ISB. The several insightful questions they asked and the perspectives they shared were quite a revelation of their active interest in ISB and education in India. The vision and mission of ISB were suitably conveyed to them by the representatives of Public Policy club, ISB and Real estate Infrastructure club.

The visitors talked about their love for Indian food and culture. The mindboggling diversity they observed during their short stay was quite astonishing to them. The tag of the fastest growing economy, a burgeoning startup culture, technological advancements etc. is a great advantage that draws aspirant job and education seekers to India, some of them said. They were in awe of the beautiful and sprawling campus replete with the several facilities for the students. Many showed a keen interest in wanting to study in the beautiful environs of ISB and spoke of the great opportunity the campus provides through exposure to a huge network of corporates, entrepreneurs and policymakers in the industry. The visit was an eye-opening experience for almost all of them.