International Immersion

Study at Kellogg School of Management

In the first international immersion, which is mandatory, students will study for one week at the world-renowned Kellogg School of Management in the Evanston (Chicago) campus. Kellogg is an ideal choice for this segment since it hosts the famous Family Business Centre, is a leading business school in the world and is one of the founding associate schools of the ISB.

Gain Insights into Europe-An Economy at Crossroads

The continent is going through a testing phase, and the students will get a ringside view of the economy. They will gain a deeper understanding of the economic aspects of European trade policies, regional disparities, cultural diversity and how European economies and institutions are responding to the rapidly changing economic environment. 

Note: The ISB reserves the right to change the location/ school due to unforeseen circumstances. Any change in the location for international immersion will be informed to the participant at the start of the programme.