Programme Overview

The PGP MFAB programme has a modular format so that participants can continue working in their business while pursing the course. Participants gain immediate results as they get the opportunity to apply concepts they have learnt in their business.
The programme is taught from an owner's perspective and participants build their personal and professional connections through the ISB network.

The programme uses various pedagogical tools to enhance the learning experience of the participants

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The curriculum has 24 courses and integrates core management principals with components that are essential to understand and relevant to family business owners Know More >
International Immersion
The programme includes two international immersions. Participants have been attending a mandatory one-week session at Kellogg School of Management, USA. The second international segment is being planned in Europe.  Know More >
Programme calendar
The duration of the programme is 15 months. Participants travel to attend 7 days classes every 6 weeks. It allows them to continue to manage their business and simultaneously pursue the course. 

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Experienced world- class faculty delivers the latest management techniques.

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