About the Fellowship (FAQ)

1. What is the exact duration of the Fellowship?
A. The Fellowship starts from the middle of June every year and concludes in the following April.

2. I am looking for an internship. Is the Fellowship suitable for me?
A. This Fellowship is not an internship. Fellows are expected to work as full-time professionals.

3. As ISB-Mint Fellow can I pursue any other professional or academic engagement?
A. Fellows are expected to commit to a full-time engagement with the Fellowship. The Fellows cannot pursue any additional academic or professional assignments during their engagement.

4. What is the average number of working hours I need to put in?
A. The role of ISB-Mint Fellow requires full-time commitment (40hours/week). As part of the fellowship, you will be assigned to a RCI (Research Centre/Institute) based on your area of interest. RCI directors will assign work based on the Centre needs. The work of each ISB-Mint Fellow will therefore will differ, depending on the work and requirements of their respective RCIs.

5. Will I be provided with any training?
A. Good communication skills is a prerequisite for applying for this Fellowship. ISB in partnership with Mint will provide extensive training for conducting interviews, digital media and marketing, information sources and research tools, case writing and other academic writing skills. Attendance is mandatory for all the training sessions.

6. What opportunities are available to me after the Fellowship?
A. Through this ISB-Mint Fellowship you will get a deep exposure to a specific industry, get to connect with industry leaders and gain insights into opportunities and challenges within that industry sector. Hence after completion of this fellowship, you can pursue a career in corporate or journalism, chart your own entrepreneurial journey or continue to pursue higher education.