Initiative for Emerging Market Studies

IEMS is a global network of academic institutions, supported by EY, that are located in emerging markets, dedicated to the study of the impact of macroeconomics in their respective economies and the global economies. IEMS was instituted with the vision of creating insightful, connected, and responsive thought leadership. IEMS aims to enable the decision makers by leading the discussion on policy-making related to emerging markets that impacts the global economy.

ISB joined the IEMS network in 2014 with the intent to provide incisive insights on emerging markets to academicians as well as practitioners based upon the research conducted by its faculty members. The faculty at ISB is actively engaged in research related to emerging markets in diverse areas such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Infrastructure, Governance, Sustainability, and Marketing. IEMS at ISB believes that academic research can simultaneously enhance the understanding of the subject and be applied in the real world scenarios.