DAY 1: Introduction to India: Promise, Paradoxes and Challenges
  • Business Mantras: Historical, Social and Cultural Perspectives
  • Critical Review of Key Government Initiatives and Key Sectorial Overview: India Stack – Aadhaar, Digital Payments, GST, Start-up India - Overview of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Urbanisation & Smart City, Make in India, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture & Food Processing, Retail & e-Com, Climate Change and Environmental Issues, etc., Gender and Social Equality Initiatives and Issues
  • De-averaging the Stark Complexity and Diversity of India’s Consumption Opportunities (Luxury to Middle class to BOP, etc.)/Insights into Rural Markets/Key Differences in Adoption Behaviour – India vs. Other Markets => business implications
DAY 2: At the Intersection of Business, Public Policy and International Relations
  • Globalisation: A Macroeconomic Perspective and Post-Globalisation Implications(e.g. Digital Platforms and Investment Flows vs. Reconfigured Product Supply Chains)
  • WildWild East: Managing in Dynamic Markets
  • Emerging Market MNCs and Home-grownTitans
  • Geopolitical Implications for Macroeconomic Scenarios: OBOR, South China Sea and Indo- Pacific Quad
  • Digital andTelecom Regulation: Key India and Emerging Market Challenges
DAY 3: Managing Execution in India
  • Managing with Chaos: Is there an Indian Approach to Management’?
  • Overview of Key Regulatory Changes/Issues (e.g. Bankruptcy Code, Corporate Governance, Telecom, etc.) and Managing the Regulator
  • Land Acquisition and Other Ecosystem Management Challenges
  • Managing Rapid Scale-ups and Growth
  • Navigating through Legal Disputes and IP Protection
  • Talent Landscape and Strategic Human Capital Levers
  • Tackling Infrastructure and Supply Chain Management, Last-mile Distribution and New Opportunities Post-GST
DAY 4/5: Industry Specific Tracks