Message from the Dean

More than a hundred companies from emerging markets feature on the Global Fortune 500 list of the world’s largest corporations by revenue. Emerging market companies have some inherent advantages: their local markets are providing most of the global growth, they have access to more patient financial capital, as well as improved technological innovation and manufacturing capabilities. And, they are learning to turn products into globally-recognised consumer brands, supported by innovation and marketing. In addition, lower growth in developed markets has led MNCs to gain an additional impetus to pursue sales abroad and focus on emerging markets. 

The contextual difference between the east and the west, with respect to greater diversity, higher growth rates and more regulation in emerging markets, insights from the west may not go well with the capabilities that are required to succeed in India. By integrating insights from our Research Centres and Institutes (RCIs) that focus on sectors like healthcare, information technology and digital transformation, applied finance, innovation, and entrepreneurship, among others, we are able to create specialisations that are contextualised via insights into Indian and emerging markets.
Prof. Rajendra Srivastava
Dean & Novartis Professors of Marketing and Innovation