India Inside Programme

Why India?
The dramatic rise of India as an economic powerhouse (third largest, globally) has been one of the most significant results of globalisation. India is the largest democracy with rising income levels, a knowledgeable workforce, an open regulatory environment and a consistent GDP growth. In addition, slower growth in developed markets has led MNCs to focus on sales in emerging economies, and leverage them for potential growth opportunities, source talent, and develop new business models. As a result, countries like India are positioned to be at the forefront of both supply-side efficiency, and new market opportunities.

The India Inside portfolio of programmes gives you an insider’s perspective to the dynamic markets of India, its business environment, socio-cultural norms, and emerging opportunities. It will provide the right knowledge and tools to harness the efficiency of the Indian economy and use India-centric innovation as a key differentiator. An optional action-learning project will ensure that at the end of the programme, you are ready to create action-oriented implementation plans for your organisation.

Programme Dates


Indian School of Business, Hyderabad Campus