Typical Stages of Progression

From completing your core courses and taking the examinations in the first year to finally defending your dissertation in four years, you will be mentored in all stages of the programme.
Year 1
  • Complete core courses and area specific advanced courses
Year 2
  • Complete area specific advanced courses.
  • Instructed research Practicum (IRP): Assist on a Research Project under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • Work on a Research Paper.
  • Write FPM Comprehensive exam by the end of year 2, as per area requirement.
FPM candidacy
Based on the performance in course work, IRP, research Paper, Comprehensive exam and potential to conduct scholarly research work, the FPM Committee determines the eligibility for FPM candidacy.
Year 3
  • Identify Dissertation Chairperson and Dissertation Committee members.
  • Identify a dissertation topic, complete preliminary research work on the topic, and work on a dissertation proposal.
  • Submit the Dissertation proposal to the Dissertation Committee by the end of the third year for approval.
Advanced FPM candidacy
On approval of the dissertation proposal, candidate moves to advanced FPM candidacy.
Year 4
  • Continue work on dissertation.
  • Based on the dissertation defense, completion of subsequent revisions, and the FPM committee’s recommendation, the candidate is conferred “Fellow in Management”.