Research Mentorship

Research is an integral part of the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM). The programme grooms you to become a research entrepreneur who can offer creative ideas and set a precedence in the area of management research.

The Indian School of Business (ISB) ensures that faculty and students are equipped with the necessary research and technological resources to break into the frontiers of new knowledge.

As you progress in the FPM, you will be fervently engaged in research activities across ISB’s 7 areas of specialisation and various centres of excellence in an environment that is stimulating, supportive, and collaborative.

By the time you reach the dissertation stage, you would have acquired a thorough understanding of your area of interest, the ability to identify opportunities for new frameworks and insights, and the technical ability to turn those opportunities into published research.

Collaboration between faculty and students is an important hallmark of the FPM. The faculty value FPM students as potential collaborators, hence actively engage them in their research. Through intimate research and theoretical discussions with faculty and peers, students are provided with numerous opportunities to refine their ideas and develop methods and models to solve challenging problems. To allow you to delve deeply into your subject of interest and prepare you for productive careers in research and teaching, ISB has extensive research resources such as database, research softwares, online journals etc., at your disposal.

ISB’s extensive industry connections open doors of opportunities for students to apply theories to real-world business situations. By rooting your academic research in ideas that have real time applications, you have an opportunity to expand your thinking, network, and make an impact as a researcher.