The faculty at the ISB has been at the forefront of innovative, high-quality research across all areas of business management.

The ISB has consistently featured among the preeminent B-schools worldwide, as per the annual Global MBA Ranking conducted by the Financial Times, London, an accomplishment in which original, cutting-edge research by the faculty and Centres of Excellence at the School has played a huge part. 

Our faculty consists of PhDs from premier institutions such as Harvard University and Cornell, among others. They have been published in, or are on the boards of several leading academic journals and professional societies, and present their work at prestigious international conferences in their fields of expertise. Our faculty ensures that the ISB is recognised by academia and industry for its research capability and output.

To enable us to create a vibrant research ecosystem in management education in India, we welcome interesting ideas or proposals that will help us expand the frontiers of research. If you would like to collaborate with us to jointly investigate certain areas of research in management science, or if you would like to commission a research project, look no further than our faculty and Centres of Excellence.