About YLP

I am a final year student or a recent graduate. Am I eligible to apply to the YLP?

Pre-final and Final Year under graduate and post graduate college students are eligible to apply to the YLP. Graduates can apply directly to the PGP.

If I'm pursuing a 5-year degree, am I still eligible for the YLP?

Yes. Students pursuing under graduate, post graduate or integrated programmes (Bachelor's + Master's) of any duration are eligible to apply.

If I apply to YLP and I'm not admitted, will it negatively affect my chances of acceptance to ISB in the future?

No. A rejection for the YLP has no bearing on your chances of acceptance in the future.

Will the YLP guarantee me a job after graduation?

The YLP is an entry route to the PGP at ISB. Placement support is provided to PGP students once they complete the PGP. No placement support is provided to YLP admits prior to their enrolment in the PGP through the YLP.

Once I come to ISB, will I and the other YLP admitted students be part of a separate programme?

YLP admits join the PGP cohort without any discrimination.

Which test scores does the YLP accept?

GMAT or GRE scores are  required as a part of the Stage II evaluation process of YLP. You may choose to take either one. 

How many evaluations (recommendations) are required at each stage?

Only one evaluation (recommendations) is required in Stage II of the evaluation process.

How many rounds of application/interview do I need to go through prior to being selected?

The YLP evaluation process is spread across three stages. Each stage requires the candidate to provide additional information. For updated details, please refer to the YLP web pages.