About MFAB

Is MFAB a distance education or online programme?
No. The MFAB is a classroom based programme. Classroom session will be held for a week very 6th week. All courses are taught face-to-face.

Where are the classes for the programme held?
All classes for the programme are held in the ISB campus at Hyderabad and/or Mohali. The international terms are held outside India.

How do I prepare and gear up for the programme?
Participants are advised to familarise themselves with advanced MS- Excel and mathematicial tools.

  • MS – Excel: The programme will require extensive use of IT tools, especially Microsoft Excel. If participants are not familiar with advanced concepts in Excel, they are advised to undergo specialised training in this software before the programme starts.
  • Mathemetical Skills: The programme will require use of mathematical concepts including probability and statistics. Those out of touch with these concepts are advised to revise them before the programme starts. The ISB will provide online courses to help the admitted participants with this revision and such participants are strongly advised to pay special attention to these courses.

If I do not get selected is the application fee refundable?
No. The application fee is non-refundable.

If I am unable to join the programme after accepting the admission offer and paying the admission fee will the admission fee be refunded?
No. The admission fee is non-refundable.

If I decide to withdraw from the programme, can I get my tuition refunded?
It is depends on the timing of your decision. The refund is governed by the refund policy prevailing at that time. Please check the refund policy section for details.

What is your refund policy?
In case a student has to withdraw from the programme for either academic, personal or administrative reasons, the student will receive pro-rated refund for only the remaining terms to the extent that the student has paid for those terms in advance. No refund will be granted for the terms which have already commenced or have been completed. The programme office reserves the right to deduct additional amounts which have been paid in advance to vendors for boarding and lodging, etc. which cannot be recovered by ISB even though the participant has not attended the terms for which these expenses were incurred in advance.