General FAQ

What are LRC's working hours?

LRC is open from 8AM to 2AM and till 4.00am during the extended hours.

How do I access the library site?

You may access the library site by clicking on LRC Updates on intranet portal: http://atrium.

Can my spouse and children use the LRC?

Yes, your spouse and children may access the library resources by producing the student's ID card or spouse’s ID card.

Which are the other libraries in Hyderabad, that I can make use of?

LRC has a formal institutional membership with the British Library & University of Hyderabad; you may get the membership card issued at the Level 2 circulation counter.

Are there any guidelines/policies on library usage?

You may find the various guidelines/policies on library usage at LRC Policies.

Where should I mail my reference query?

You may send any of your queries to Learning Resource Centre ( – Hyderabad); ( - Mohali)

Can I get a photocopy of a book?

You may take photocopy of the reading materials for your personal use following the fair use of copyright policy.

Circulation FAQ

How can I access the Library Catalogue?

You may access the library’s catalogue through OPAC.

How can I borrow a resource?

Kindly refer to the LRC Circulation Policy at intranet page.

Where can I return a book?

You may return the book at any of the circulation counters at LRC.

How can I renew a book?

You may renew a book through the Online Catalogue or by sending an email to the Learning Resource Centre - (LRC HYD) and (LRC MOH).

How can I access my account online?

You may login into patron access through the Online Catalogue

Which resources I cannot borrow?

You may not be able to borrow the current and immediate next term books, current journals, video cassettes and reference material.

How do I reserve a book/DVD?

You may reserve a book/DVD only if it’s checked out/issued; the same may be reserved through the Online Catalogue or by sending an email to Learning Resource Centre or calling over phone.

Resources Books

What is meant by Term books?

Term books are the required and recommended reading suggested by a faculty for a particular term. The copies of the same will be made available at LRC for reference.

How can I suggest a book?

A suggestion form is available at all the counters of LRC, and you may also suggest through online Book Suggestion form.

Does the LRC have fiction or light reading books?

The LRC has a sizeable number of general reading and children books such as Calvin & Hobbes/Asterix/Tin Tin/Harry Potter and many others for children and adults.

Where can I find the back issues of Journals?

The back issues of the journals are available at Level-IV of LRC (Hyderabad) and most of the back volumes are also available online.

How do I access the journal online?

Online Journals may be accessed through journal link at LRC intranet site.

Information Products

What is Info Watch on B-schools?

Info- Watch on B-Schools: A proactive information product tracking all the published information and recent developments in various key success factors of B-schools across the world.

How do I access G-Info Watch?

Go to G-Info Watch and enter the username as 600XXXX (your ID) and Password as "password".In case you have any access problem write an email to Learning Resource Centre.

What is Case Data Bank?

Case Data Bank is an innovative product created to facilitate the users to browse the case studies which is appearing in printed books available at LRC.


Do I need to come to LRC to access the database?

Most of the databases subscribed by LRC are IP enabled so you may access the same from anywhere within the campus.

Where can I get a list of databases subscribed by LRC?

You may access the databases through Atrium Quick links >>Learning Resource Centre>>Databases at intranet portal: http://atrium.

Are there any database guides available online?

Yes, all the databases are provided with the user guides and tutorials in PDF format to facilitate the users.

How do I find articles on my topic?

You may find the relevant article of your interest in the Management Literature Databases.

How do I find company information? (India/Global)

You may access all the company related information through the Company Information databases.

Which database would give me the company financials?

Kindly browse the following databases for Indian company financial data - Capital Market Cyberline (Capitaline); EMIS and Prowess IQ and for International companies browse Capital IQ; Compustat; CRSP; Mergent Online and Hoovers.

Where can I get the overviews of industries and trends?

You may get the overview of Industries through the databases like Business Monitor International; Crisinfac; ET Intelligence Group; Frost & Sullivan; GMID; ICRA and EMIS.

Where can I find the market research reports on industries?

Kindly access the following Market Research Databases and Industry Watch for the market research reports on industries.

Where can I find the corporate reports on Indian Companies?

Kindly browse the following databases to find the corporate reports on Indian Perspective - Capital Market Cyberline (Capitaline); ISI Emerging Market; and Prowess IQ.

Where can I find the general economic and demographic data?

You may access the economic and demographic information from the databases Business Monitor International; Global Market Information Database (GMID) and India Stat.

How do I access database Prowess IQ from my Laptop?

Prowess IQ database can be mapped on to your Laptop by connecting to and install Prowess IQ setup file.