1. What is the ISB-Centre for Business Markets?
The Centre for Business Markets at ISB (ISB-CBM) seeks to provide elite business market-focused Indian corporations with access to state-of-the-art research in business-to-business (B2B) Marketing, Sales and Purchasing.

The ISB-CBM has evolved from the need for dialogues, insights and course offerings that can provide practitioners with skills to understand, create, deliver and capture value in B2B Asian markets. This is the first-of-its-kind initiative in Asia. The ISB-CBM is committed to help B2B-oriented organisations based in India and Asia find innovative next-generation pathways to grow their businesses profitably, especially in the era of rapid change that is a reality of today’s world.

The ISB-Centre for Business Markets understands that professional development may not be effective with a “one size fits all” approach, which is why the ISB-CBM Curricula will be customised to the specific needs of the member organisations and participants in Asia. The ISB-CBM will conduct an assessment to identify gaps in the expertise of member organisations and use these inputs to develop specific programmes to fill those gaps, to arm them with new “tools of the trade” that will keep member organisations at the cutting-edge of knowledge and insights in B2B Marketing, Sales and Purchasing.

  1. How will these programmes benefit me/my company?
The ISB-CBM will offer both open and customised comprehensive professional development programmes for Marketing, Sales and Purchasing executives at varying senior leadership levels in small, medium and large corporations. The programmes will be conducted by globally reputed academics engaged in cutting-edge research in the B2B Marketing world. Members gain access to a robust network of acclaimed B2B academics and practitioners (member firms), similar to the US-based Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM USA) , but focused on firms with sole or significant presence in Asia.
The Centre will provide a platform whose objective is to extend the application of B2B Marketing best practice research (with guidance from ISBM USA) into the industries and geographies specific to Asia. It will offer members remote advice and coaching from faculty with worldwide renown as consultants in B2B Marketing. It will offer members its customer analytics capability.

It will leverage ISBM USA's several decades of expertise with respect to designing and conducting events, curricula, membership drives, etc. The Centre will host summits and events to promote and advance its objectives. Members will have access to ISBM USA’s events and professional development programmes for a nominal fee. Likewise, ISBM USA members will have access to the ISB-CBM's events and professional development programmes for a nominal fee.

  1. What is the commitment expected from the participating company?
The Annual Membership fee for the ISB-CBM is INR 2.5 lakhs. For the company, this fee is payable annually. Unlike typical executive education programmes of the ISB or the IIMs, the programmes on offer at the ISB-CBM are for members only.

There will be an additional per participant fee for each programme. The programme calendar will be announced and updated from time to time and will be available on the ISB-CBM website. It will be at a premium compared to ISB’s regular fee for Open Executive Programmes and also at a premium compared to IIM’s programme fees for executive education.

The programme fee for the ISB-CBM programmes will be based on the segment of the audience, with C-Suite, General Managers and Operation-Level Managers on one axis and Large Companies and SMEs on another axis. The programme fee will also vary depending on the faculty we invite to anchor the programme. 

The founding member/participating company has no additional commitment, except that we would like to lean on them to seek their advice on how best to grow the initiative. There is no additional financial commitment required.

We may also seek the permission of participating companies to put their logos on our stationery, as a mark of appreciation of their belief in our concept.

  1. What will be the mode of delivery for courses? Online/ ISB campus?
As of now, all the programmes are class sessions to be held at ISB Hyderabad or Mohali. The programme fee will include lodging and boarding for the participants.

  1. How are these programmes different from ongoing executive education programmes?
The ISB-CBM is bringing programmes on niche topics under B2B Marketing, Sales and Purchasing. These are premium programmes and will be available only to the members of the ISB-CBM. The ongoing executive education programmes focus on learning of senior, middle and lower level of associates in a company. The ISB-CBM programmes are designed for the very top management of the company.

  1. Will the participants receive any kind of certification? Will there be any evaluation at the end of the programme?
The participants will receive a certificate upon the completion of the programme. They will also be asked to fill in a short questionnaire. The feedback for the same will also be shared with the participants.

  1. I can no longer attend a programme/I wish to withdraw from this programme. What do I do?
The membership fee for the ISB-CBM is non-refundable.

There will be 100% refund of the programme fee in case cancellation is done more than four weeks prior to the date of commencement of the programme.

Please refer to the ISB-CBM brochure for more details.

 If you have any more questions, please reach out to us at isbcbm@isb.edu or programmes_isbcbm@isb.edu