JumpStartIndia@ISB is a unique initiative by Indian School of Business to help power India’s post-COVID19 economic recovery. This initiative aims to harness the expertise and experience of ISB’s students, coupled with the intellectual leadership of its faculty, into projects to address challenges of national significance. The expertise of the world class faculty and tremendous resources at ISB, along with the diverse and experienced cohort of students, will not only develop a road map to help the Government with key policy decisions but to also aid the decision making by providing real time, relevant data points and indices to navigate the economy in the right direction. The ultimate goal is to support authorities make informed decisions during the crisis and build a vibrant, healthier, and robust India.

In the initial phase, this initiative will focus on eight priority challenges listed below:

  • Food and Agriculture: Ensure food is produced, available, and accessible in sufficient quantities at all times for everyone. Prof. Sripad Devalkar and Prof. Aaditya Dar
  • Informal Economy: Identifying, alleviating, and preventing distress of workers through economic stimulus and welfare measures. Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry and Prof. Ashwini Chhatre
  • Boosting the Economy: Operational and policy interventions to restart economic activity in a phased manner. Prof. Shiv Dixit, Prof. Shashwat Alok and Prof. Prasanna Tantri
  • Real Time Indices of Economic Activity: Ensuring policy is based on real time indicators both during and after COVID-19. Prof. Deepa Mani and Prof. Shekhar Tomar
  • Transportation, Logistics, and Mobility: Reviving and Improving India’s Transportation, Logistical, and Mobility Networks to address future challenges through Sustainability, Resiliency, and Efficiency. Prof. Milind Sohoni and Prof. Sumit Kunnumkal
  • Healthcare: Sustained provision and minimal disruption of essential healthcare services across primary, secondary and tertiary care. Prof. Sarang Deo and Prof. DVR Seshadri
  • Institutionalizing Remote Work: Reimagining Jobs, Workspaces, HR Systems and Leadership. Prof. Chandrasekhar Sripada and Prof. AJ Chauradia
  • Monitoring Corporate Health: Indicators to monitor the pulse of India Inc and financial markets to help in corporate decision-making and policy interventions. Prof. Prachi Deuskar and Prof. Apoorva Javadekar

Initial Projects Underway:

  • Branding and marketing strategy for Telengana Sona rice
  • Consumer Behaviour on Fintech Platforms
  • Understanding SME Finances
  • Optimal Composition of Public Spending and Shock Dependence
  • Blood Supply Chains In India
  • Impact of Macro-Political Events on the Indian Mutual Fund Industry
  • Organizational Systems and Remote Work
  • Decongesting Urban Concentration through Remote Work
  • Remote Work and Work-Life Balance for Women, Minorities and Underprivileged
  • Explore ways to conceptualize a Corporate Vulnerability Index
  • Investor Sentiment Index using Textual Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Corporate Credit Quality Index (CCQI)
  • Analysis  of Paddy procurement operations in Punjab
  • Analysis of Wheat procurement operations in Punjab
  • Assessing the readiness of India’s vaccine manufacturers and health system
  • Business model innovation to ensure sustainability of frugal (high volume, low-cost) models of healthcare delivery
  • Centralized Procurement of Forest Produce in Jharkhand
  • Real Time Indicators of Economic Activity
  • Tackling Last-Mile Delivery Challenges in Post-COVID India Retailing

Contact Us:

E-mail: jumpstartindia@isb.edu

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JumpStart_ISB