The LRC has a collection of more than 60,000 printed books and more than 2,500 e-books & 12.5 lakhs titles in Ebook Central at both the campuses that supplement the curriculum course content and relevant to proposed research areas.

The Centre purchases all books which are recommended readings or appear in course outlines and also suggested titles by the user community. To expand the collection, LRC also benchmarks with its associate schools and other global B-schools. The books are selected from both core and non-core subject areas like philosophy, light reading, non-fiction, children books, etc. which cater to the needs of whole ISB community.
Faculty may request LRC to order books for your research projects or personal use and kindly contact learning resource centre for further details on the process of recommending books and procuring the same. The internal and external members of LRC may also request for a book or suggest a book by filling out the relevant form or dropping a mail to learning resource centre.

Book Suggestion Form