Healthcare Analytics for Decision Making

January 19-20, 2019 | Saturday
Hyderabad, India
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Healthcare Analytics for Decision Making

January 19 - 20, 2019 | Hyderabad campus

Healthcare Analytics for Decision Making is a two-part workshop where you will learn key healthcare design elements in Services (Delivery and Insurance) followed by Products (Pharma). Learn how data science is applied in the Healthcare Industry. The workshop will also discuss the role of clinical algorithms, analytics and health outcomes research in payer, provider, research, development, manufacturing, supply chain, commercial and regulatory settings.

What to expect at the workshop

This workshop explores how healthcare analytics is essential to the success of a healthcare organisation and how strategies are increasingly using analytics. Whilst this course uses healthcare use cases as examples, the techniques are general and apply to a wide range of industries and scientific fields. 

We will discuss how new processes, companion devices, big data and advanced analytics offers tremendous potential to solve some of health care’s complex issues like personalization, readmissions, optimizing care for patients, reducing the cost of care through new techniques across the healthcare value chain. In summary, you will:
  • Understand how healthcare analytics can play a big part in the success of a health care organization
  • Understand methods to measure and quantify data collected in a healthcare setting
  • Realise the potential of Big Data and Application in Payer and Provider
  • Understand Outcome Research and Methods Used for Measurement
  • Explain how data can be an organizational asset
  • Understand varied business analytics opportunities in the pharma landscape, including research, development, manufacturing, commercialization, and its application in patient-focused solutions
  • Decision making leveraging the latest regulations and analytics methods for innovative solutions and data-driven decision making

Who should attend

  • The workshop is intended for mid-senior level managers who are using some analytics and want to intensify analytics for decision making.
  • Entrepreneurs who are using large data in the healthcare setting to develop products
  • Consultants who are advising healthcare organisations based on large data
  • Students aspiring to enter the healthcare sector and solve analytical problems (limited seats)


  • Basic Statistics


The workshop will be facilitated by leading healthcare data analytics professionals.  


  • This is a hands-on workshop. Facilitators will use a mix of lecture, case discussion and exercises in the class. The participants will have an opportunity to analyze data and present their findings.


  • The workshop will run from 9 am to 6 pm on both days with a panel discussion with industry leaders on Day 1.

 Registration Fees

  • Current students - Rs 1,000
  • Alumni - Rs 2,500
  • Industry - Rs 5,000
    (plus GST @18%, applicable for all the categories)

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