The collision of B2B & B2C markets and implications for marketers’

Speaker Sessions
July 3, 2020 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM | Friday
Open to Public
1. Professor Prakash Bagri, Associate Dean - Corporate Engagement, Indian School of Business
2. Professor Ashish Sinha, Professor of Marketing at UTS Business School and Associate Dean (interim) - Executive Education, Indian School of Business
3. Mr. Rahul Kohli, Advisor of Higher Education
4. Mr. Santosh Nema, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, a B2B e-commerce site for Building Materials
Marketing has traditionally classified businesses in terms of the customer segments they cater to, viz enterprise business (B2B) or consumer (B2C).  Even where some companies have catered to both these segments simultaneously, they’d continued to treat their marketing approaches as distinct.  
However - with technological innovations and increasing digitization, changing markets and user behavior and finally newer and disruptive business models - we are seeing two distinct phenomena emerging: 
(1)  More significant commonality & fluidity in the customer journey, the buyers’ mindset, and customer engagement strategies across both the classical business & consumer segments
(2) The emergence of a third breed, commonly called B2B2C wherein a company provides a product or service to a business (or consumer), and gains customers (either consumer or business) as a consequence of that transaction, which provides the final element of its model.
In this webinar, we discuss these trends in the context of different industries and implications for marketers who find themselves in its intersection.

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