ISB Research Luncheon

Format: 03-09-2020
Format: 03-09-2020
Organisational BehaviourOrganisational Behavior Seminar, Talk by Prof. Ravi S Gajendran, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, College of Business, University of Illinois. Urbana ChampaignJune 13, 2014 | Fri | 11:30For ISB CommunityDoes communicating over email influence persistence and performance on subsequent tasks? READ MORE
FinanceVenture Capital - An OverviewMarch 28-29, 2014By InvitationVenture capital is an important source of financing, particularly for young and new ventures. READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyFriend or foe or family? A tale of formal and informal plants in India March 28, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThis paper examines the interaction between formal (organized) and informal (unorganized) plants in the manufacturing sector in India READ MORE
Bharti Institute Research Seminar: Selection, Tournaments, and DishonestyMarch 14, 2014 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicWe conduct a real effort experiment in which performance is not monitored and participants are paid according to their reported performance. READ MORE
StrategyHow Do Firms Augment their Talent? A Comparative Performance Assessment of Human Capital Building and Acquiring. February 26, 2014 | Wed | 17:30For ISB CommunityFirms often augment their talent either through a human capital building strategy or a human capital acquiring strategy. READ MORE
Organisational BehaviourBehavioral ethics in the workplace: A reviewNovember 29, 2013 | Fri | 12:30By InvitationThe importance of ethical behavior in the workplace has generated a great deal of knowledge about individual ethical behavior in organizations. READ MORE
Information SystemsGovernance and Performance of Outsourcing RelationshipsSeptember 26, 2013 | Thu | 12:30For ISB CommunityOutsourcing is fundamental to modern firms. Core technologies and technology-enabled business functions are being externalized. READ MORE
AccountingInferring Causal Relations from Observational Data: A Non-technical DiscussionSeptember 06, 2013 | Fri | 12:30For ISB CommunityCorrelation can be observed and causality cannot. When does correlation suffice and when do we need to care about causality? READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyResearch in MicrofinanceJune 28, 2013 | Fri | 12:03For ISB CommunityAccess to finance is a critical constraint for growth and development. READ MORE
MarketingOptimal Price Promotions in Frequently Purchased CategoriesMay 31, 2013 | Fri | 12:30By InvitationEmpirical examination of the pricing policies of brands in several categories reveals the absence of optimal single price. READ MORE
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Format: 03-09-2020
Format: 03-09-2020