The Centre for Business Markets

The Centre for Business Markets at ISB (ISB-CBM) seeks to provide elite business market-focused Indian corporations with access to state-of-the-art research in business-to-business (B2B) Marketing, Sales and Purchasing.

The ISB-CBM has evolved from the need for dialogues, insights and course offerings that can provide practitioners with skills to understand, create, deliver and capture value in B2B Asian markets. This is the first of its kind initiative in Asia. The ISB-CBM is committed to help B2B-oriented organisations based in India and Asia find innovative next-generation pathways to grow their businesses profitably, especially in the era of rapid change that is a reality of today’s world.

The ISB-Centre for Business Markets understands that professional development may not be effective with a “one size fits all” approach, which is why the ISB-CBM Curricula will be customised to the specific needs of the member organisations and participants in Asia. The ISB-CBM will conduct an assessment to identify gaps in the expertise of member organisations and use these inputs to develop specific programmes to fill those gaps, to arm them with new “tools of the trade” that will keep member organisations at the cutting-edge of knowledge and insights in B2B Marketing, Sales and Purchasing.