Learning Modules

The ISB-CBM offers a range of customisable programmes designed for B2B executives and their teams who are committed to finding next-generation ways to grow their businesses and realise their full potential. These programmes will be tailored to C-level executives and Operating-level executives from small, medium or large enterprises.
The offerings can be either case-based or project-based. In case-based courses, select B2B case studies will be used to understand the best practices around the world; in project-based courses, the Centre will work with a member organisation’s specific challenges and issues and convert them into projects, to facilitate 'learning by doing'.

Themes for ISB-CBM’s Programmes:
  1. Data Analytics and Pricing
  2. Branding and Pricing
  3. Digital Transformation
  4. Value Migration Strategies and Customer Engagement
  5. Salesforce Management and Business Channels
  6. Value Co-Creation and Solutions

    The diagram below depicts the overlap in these topics: