Bharti Institute of Public Policy

Bharti Institute of Public Policy aims to lead education and research in the domain of public policy. The Institute’s flagship program Advanced Management Program in Public Policy (AMPPP) is an inter-disciplinary course that caters to mid-career government and private sector professionals. A snapshot of the ongoing work in BIPP is shown below:




Visual depicts the fiscal measure by way of Additional Spending and Foregone Revenue in response to Covid-19 as % of GDP) of the four most affected Covid-19 countries. The four countries (USA, Brazil, India and Russia) have the highest number of Confirmed cases as on July 10, 2020 (Johns Hopkins Medicine Coronavirus Resource Centre). The fiscal measure data as of June 12, 2020 reveals the support provided is highest in USA (12.28%), followed by Brazil (6.53%), Russia (1.9%) and India (1.2%)